Wiki Pediatric Psychology 2017 Feedback with Revised Psychotherapy Descriptions


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Has anyone been thinking about this, or know of any organizational guidance? Now that the 2017 CPT codes for Psychotherapy require the patient to be present, how would you code a Psychology Pediatric Feedback visit with the parents only? If testing was done, could we use 96101 or 96102 for the Feedback session? The other choices don't seem to be reimbursable: 90846 family psychotherapy w/o patient present, or 90887 (explanation of results...) and I'm not even sure a Psychologist could bill 90887. What is the most appropriate correct coding? Thanks.
Not sure I understand your question. The psychotherapy codes have always required the patient be present for all or some of the service. The only thing that has changed for 2017 is the wording that the patient must be present for all or a majority of the service. With that being said you would not be able to use the psychotherapy codes when meeting with the parents for feedback. This would not be a billable service.