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My doctor has seen a patiet in the hospital for PEG tube eval, the report states that the patient is at high risk for aspiration. It does not mention dysphagia or any other symptoms, I am not sure what code to use for this. Please Help!
Maybe I misunderstood... this was an eval to determine if a PEG tube will be placed, correct? If so, the Z code would be inappropriate because it indicates that the tube is already present. If I misunderstood and the PEG tube is already placed, then I would agree with the use of the Z code.
Correct. The tube would have to be present to use the Z code. You should just code to the symptoms that the physician is evaluating that could potentially warrant the PEG tube. The physician will need to give you a diagnosis (why was the patient at high risk for aspiration?) for you to code the encounter.