Wiki Penile/ Vaginal lesions?


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What do you code when penile or vaginal lesions are lysed (removed/destroyed) in the office? The most accurate code for the description is 54162 - but that has to be done at hospital.

My pediatricians are performing procedure in ofc, no anesthesia, no equipment. If lesions are too bad, they are referred out. So how do you code? :confused:
For penile lesions try looking at 54050-54060. For vaginal it will depend on exactly where the lesions are you can look at 56501 - 56515, 57061-57065.

Hope you find what you are looking for.
Per Coding for Pediatrics 2012 pg 187 "if lysis of labial or penile adhesions is performed by the application of manual pressure without the use of an instrument to cut the adhesions, it would be considered part of the E/M visit and would not be reported separately."