Wiki Percutaneous nephrostolithotomy coding question

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Patient has a large (3 cm) stone in left renal pelvis. Urologist places a "left UPJ occlusion stent" via cystourethroscopy. Later in the day, after radiologist places a percutaneous wire into the kidney, urologist makes a small incision alongside the wire, passes a dual-lumen catheter down to the distal ureter. Using a UroMax balloon dilator he dilates up the tract into the renal pelvis. Using the lithotrite the stone was fragmented into pieces which were suctioned out, ultrasonic lithotripsy was used as well. The entire stone was removed. A Malecot catheter was placed over a safety guidewire down into the renal pelvis. The nephrostomy tube was secured to the back and a pressure dressing was applied.
Is procedure code 50081 the only code reported or can the stent placed earlier in the day also be reported? Am I missing anything else that should/could be reported? The more I read the more confused I am getting!