percutaneous release A1 Pulley for trigger thumb


Ossian, IA
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Can you please take a look and tell me how you would code this? This is a new procedure they've just started doing...The trigger finger release by incision doesn't work because this was done percutaneous by needles...Thoughts please

Under direct sonographic visualization, a 21-gauge needle was advanced into the A1 pulley and traversed by the needle 5 times. This did not result in symptomatic relief and therefore the procedure was repeated. *The symptoms still were not relieved. I attempted to release the A1 pulley more aggressively for the third portion by traversing the fully under sonographic guidance with the needle several times. Following this, he did have some return of his thumb flexion. However, it was difficult to determine if his pain was relieved given the lidocaine utilized. *I elected not to proceed with a steroid injection given the improvement in his function.

Technically successful ultrasound-guided percutaneous release of the A1 pulley of the right thumb.