Periprosthetic fracture AND prosthesis dislocation

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My diagnosis is posterior hip dislocation with periprosthetic greater trochanter fracture.

I have a code for a periprosthetic fracture of the hip, right, initial, (T84.020A) and a code for prosthesis dislocation of the hip, right, initial (T84.040A). Do I use both, or is there a better code that incorporates both of these conditions?

I'm confused as to the exact CPT code for this procedure, also: "Under conscious sedation, hip was flexed and adducted with internal rotation and traction was utilized to reduce the hip. It was brought into extension and external rotation and reassessed. ROM with flexion to 100 degrees did not demonstrate any instability, but with internal rotation to 90 degrees flexion to 30 degrees, she re-dislocated, so it was reduced once again." I'm assuming this is only a dislocation reduction and not dislocation with fracture reduction, but I don't know for sure.

Thank you.