Person consulting for another...What to bill?


Milltown, IN
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My doctor talked with the patients parents about his medical care. Now, my question is do we bill this service under the patient or the parents? I would code a 99211-99215 with the dx code V65.19, right? Oh, how I wish that someone could help me on this one. :confused:
Thanks Guys!
There is a lot of missing information in that scenario. Was the patient seen that day as well and the doc followed up with a discussion with the parents? Was it simply a couseling session? What exactly was discussed? There are a lot of variables here. If it's an est pt ov and the pt was seen as well that day, I would consider coding based on time (99211-99215) if the doc spent a min of 50% of the visit on counseling/coordination of care. Codes +99358 and +99359 might also be appropriate if the pt was seen in addition to the encounter with the parents.

That's all I could think of at the moment with the information given.