Wiki phone systems with reminder calls?


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I am looking for any recommendations for a phone system that will work for a small company and will perform reminder calls. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks so much for your input! Kara
We use TeleVox as well and it works well, assuming it's ran and there lies the issue with it. It has to be manually started, so it's vital that it be assigned to one person or a group of people that are trustworthly enough to ensure that it's ran on a daily basis.
Televox is a good one.

I also recommend (Strongly) ClientTell. ClientTell is less expensive than Televox, does not require a contract, they only charge for each successful call (not busy signals or out of service numbers) and function via a web portal that you can upload an excel or CSV file to daily. You can also access the portal for reporting. Their customer service is great. I have had zero complaints.