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I can't tell you how many different answers I have received on this question, and am looking for any input from other coders on it. Many physical rehab cpt codes are timed (ie. 15 min). If a therapist does Therapeutic Exercise for 19 minutes, would they code 2 units since they are working on the second 15 minute increment? Thanks for any thoughts on this topic.
No, they would still only bill for 1 unit. The time guidelines state that there must be a minimum of 8 minutes to bill for 1 unit. 23 minutes is 2 units, 38 minutes is 3, etc.
Medicare vs. "Non-Medicare"

Actually, you are correct on the timing, but those are the Medicare guideline, which we do bill as required. It is for non-Medicare payors that I am curious about, so I assume you bill Medicare guidelines for all of your patients? Thanks for responding, though.