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A physical therapist performs wound care on a wound measuring 9.0 x 7.2 x 3.2 cm. They debride 5 sq. cm. of the wound using scissors. Which would be appropriate coding, 97597 x 1 and 97598 x 3 or only 97597?

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97597 should be used
You would only code the sq. cm area of debridement

".....To determine the proper code choice, first, consider the depth of the debridement. This is determined by the deepest depth of removed tissue. Keep in mind that the wound may extend to the bone, but if only subcutaneous tissue is removed, the depth of debridement is to the subcutaneous tissue only...."

and also this reference

As per CPT Assistant 2016..........
"Active Wound Care Management Codes 97597-97602
Active wound care management refers to procedures performed to remove devitalized and/or necrotic tissue to promote healing, and may require multiple visits. Code 97597 involves debridement of open wound(s) and includes topical application(s); wound assessment; use of a whirl- pool, when performed; and instruction(s) for the ongoing care of a wound that has a total surface area of 20 sq cm or less. Add-on code 97598 is reported for each additional 20 sq cm or part thereof. Methods include high-pressure water jet and sharp selective debridement techniques using scis- sors, scalpel, and/or forceps......"

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