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My group of general and trauma surgeons wants to "share" our PA with an orthopedic group. She would be doing first assist at surgery for both groups but only be employed by our group. My docs think I can bill the assist under our tax ID and the ortho group bill the physician services under their tax ID. I am not sure this is correct but can not find documentation to support my thought. Thanks in advance for your help.
Dawn Lane
This is a good question. I have not been able to find a distinct answer to it. However, we have cases where one of our surgeons does co-surgery with or assists a surgeon not employed by our practice and we bill our provider's services under our EIN with the 80 mod. I am not 100% sure if it is the same thing as a PA assistant-at-surgery but it's worth looking into.
It's something like when we use an approach surgeon and they bill for their own portion of the case & we both append a 62 mod.
Also, if our surgeons use a hospital PA or an assistant not employed by us, the outside providers do the billing for their own part of the surgery. It's why we get calls from them for the information on coding used.
Might be a medical-legal question for the legal dept. of the practice.