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Good afternoon!
Does anyone have a template and/or report example that they are willing to share that shows physician coding compliance weighted averages for E/M audits?

Coding Compliance Accuracy

Could you provide a bit more information pertaining to your need? We seek 90% accuracy for our physicians' overall compliance with E/Ms supported by documentation. When they are not at 90%, they are subject to further audits until they reach 90%. In my experience, the weighted average is used operationally in regard to coding weights & benchmarks.
In my experience physicians pay attention to treating the patients and don't think of the three components, or how to tally them up. So error rates > 50% are common and even 90% error rates. When I ask physicians why they chose a specific code, they never refer to the key components.
Template/example of report


I would also love an example or template of a report. I recently started a job as a coder but I am also required to audit our physicians, but I have know idea where to begin or how to write a report on my audits so that I can present to our physicians for suggestions and education on how to choose the best cpt or ICD10 code. The previous auditor apparently didn't do much & left nothing to go of of. You can email it to

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