Physiologic billing with remote device checks - so confused


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I need help understanding the physiologic billing for remote checks. My provider believes I can use 93299 added onto any remote device code capable of this monitoring, but I can't find documented guidance on this. I thought 93299 was only applied with CPT 93298 for ILR remote follow up. Should I be using this with 93297 also.

And if physiologic monitoring was performed with an ICD remote then I would bill CPT 93297 (30 day global) and 93296. IF the defib was not physiologic capable then I would bill 93295 (90 day global) and 93296.

And do I always use the 93299 with 93298 for ILR remotes or is there another technician code to use with ILRs?

I am just so confused from reading CPT and documentation from the device companies and I could really use help from anyone with insight on this.
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