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I tried to submit my application for professional a couple of weeks ago only to find on the screen that this was a 'pilot program' and they are not accepting any more applications at this time? Did anyone else know this was only a pilot program? We already have 2 fellows here at work, no one knew about this.
Recognition Program

I also applied for the recognition program, I must have just got in (early Nov) because after I was approved I told a few co-workers who wanted to check it out. When they logged on, they said the same thing. No new applications were being taken as the program was being re-assessed.

I also will say, that I had looked into it right when they first rolled it out, and I procrastinated. I just applied in Nov 2017 and the requirements to apply and receive had changed. When the program was first rolled out, it cost over $100 to apply, but a year later it was about a quarter of that. Also, when they first rolled it out, if you were approved you had to get more CEUs, but after a revision, they removed that stipulation. So, they are assessing the criteria to apply and also to keep it.

I was very glad they reduced the application fee, because that was a huge reason I held off. I was glad to see they removed the additional CEU requirement too. I didn't understand why you had to earn more credits - I mean I kind of get it. You're supposed to be an expert in your field and involved, etc... but for 2 credentials I already need to have 40 CEUs every 2 years. I honestly think that's enough. AAPC requires us to have more credits than AHIMA does for RHITs. I work with several people who have RHIT and they comment often about how many AAPC requires. I am generally ok with it, because it does keep me constantly learning and growing. But....

So, I am kind of not surprised that they are evaluating the program again. I hope they keep it, otherwise it looks kind of foolish for people that have it and then in a year they remove it from their profiles, etc.
Has there been any further information as to the status of the recognition program? I just looked and they still show the program is under review. Thank you!
I've been watching as well. I was first accepted into the program in December 2016 and, while it's been interesting to be involved in a pilot program, I have yet to truly experience the program's intent. An update would be helpful.