Question PLA vs CPT


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Does anyone have any guidance on billing PLA vs CPT codes? I ask in general, but specifically we're trying to sort out whether we should be billing 87637 or 0241U for our COVID/RSV/Flu A&B in-house testing. I'm unfamiliar with PLA codes, and am finding the available guidance unclear. I realize PLA are supposed to take precedence over CPT, but since both codes were implemented at the same time I have to wonder if there's a reason for the 87637 and therefore instances when it should be billed rather than the 0241U? I'm hoping there are some easy answers I'm just missing - since this is new to me I want to sure I'm doing things correctly.
I don't know if it makes a difference, but we're a small FQHC and generally only run a handful of these every week.
Thanks so much!