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My physician places a closed suction drain

The report is as follows:

"After obtaining informed consent, the skin at the proposed drain exit site was prepped and draped in a satisfactory fashion. Skin and subcutaneous tissues at this location were anesthetized with a total of 5 ml of 1% lidocaine containing epinephrine. A large, round, fluted closed suction drain was attached a trocar was then introduced through the medical open wound. The drain was made to traverse the entire length of the sinus tract, and the trocar was made to exit at a point on the right lateral abdomen. The drain was attached to the skin with a heavy sild sutrue. the drain was placed to a bulb-type suction reservoir. The drain site was dressed with a sterile drain sponge and tape. Gauze and tape dressing were also applied to the 2 open wounds. Overall, the procedure was tolerated well by the patient without any apparent complications."

This patient has a partial thickness open ulcerations. She has 2 open wounds. The one is located laterally on the right abdomen and the oper one is located more medially on the right abdomen. Probing of this wound, however, reveals a 17 cm long, narrow sinus tract that extends laterally.

Any help with CPT and ICD -9 would be appreciated.

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