Question Planned re-exploration and jejunal resection x 2


Cleburne, TX
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I am trying to help out a general surgeon with coding 3 procedures done on a patient within 4 days. I think I have the first one figured out and would like to ask about the second and third I have never coded general surgery so I am LOST.
9/1/21 DOS
1. planned re-exploration (would I need a modifier -58 for this?)
2. jejunal resection x 2 (what cpt codes for this? I came up with 44120 and 44121, but I don't know if those are correct)
3. Repair necrotic jejunal antimesenteric wall (what cpt code?)
4. abdominal washout (would this be cpt 49084?)
5. placement of abthera (would this be cpt 97605?)
9/2/21 DOS
1. planned re-exploration ( I believe this is included, but again, do I apply modifier -58?)
2. side to side anastomosis of duodenum to jejunum (what cpt code?)
3. abdominal washout (would this be cpt 49084?)
4. closure of fascia (cpt? or is this included?)
5. placement of would vac-assisted closure (cpt?)

I know this is long but any help would be appreciated.
Theresa Ward, CPC