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Op note reads plantar fibroma excision but path comes back "fibromatosis 728.71"....
op reads:
soft tissue mass present with the palntar fascia area, consistent w/ a plantar fibroma. Incision made over soft tissue mass with blade. This was deepened with blunt dissection. Mass was dissected free from the surrounding soft tissue attachments and removed from the operative site in toto. Then sent to path (greater than 3cm)

I get mixed info on these....28041 rather 28060??


Fasciectomy is more for excision of strips of fascia, since only a mass was removed I would go with the excision of soft tissue tumors.
I recently read an article on Podiatry Management Online that states that excision of plantar fibromas require removal of the fascia also, so they are stating that 28060 would be the proper code? Fibromas are nodules of the fascia, so now I am at a crossroad myself. I have the same procedure and the path report states the specimen was soft tissue with the diagnosis of Plantar fibromatosis. I originally thought that fasciectomy was a little extensive for just removal of fibromas. Any thoughts? Thanks:confused:
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