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The codes I selected are: 26442, 26440 (6units), 64721, 26055 (4units).

Operation: The skin incision was made in the palm about 3 cm in length. Subcutaneous tissue was divided sharply. The palmar fascia was divided sharply. The transverse carpal ligament was exposed. The longitudinal vein was identified and protected. The ligament was then incised. The underlying median nerve and branches were protected. Proximally, the release was completed by passing Littler scissors to release the volar forearm fascia. Dissection was carried out distally under loupe load repeat magnification to assure that the distal nerve branches were completely released. The wound was copiously irrigated with saline. Attention was turned to the thumb. An approximately 1.5 cm transverse incision was made at the MCP flexion crease. The A1 pulley was exposed and incised with a scalpel. Care was taken to assure that the distal and proximal release was completed. Partial tenosynovectomy of the FPL tendon was done. The tendon was pulled volarly through the wound allowing to flex fully. Attention was then turned to the palm. Longitudinal incisions were made over the A1 pulleys of the index, long, and ring fingers each about 1.5 cm. Subcutaneous tissue was spread. The flexor tendon sheaths were exposed. The A1 pulleys were released with a #15 blade scalpel and accessory palmar pulleys were released proximally with the scalpel. Care was taken to assure that the tendons were fully released and then partial tenosynovectomy of each of the FDS and FDP tendons was carried out. The tendons were then pulled volarly and separated from each other allowing each of the fingers to fully flex. The wounds were then copiously irrigated.

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