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i have my CPC exam in couple of weeks
i have gone through proctor's instructions given on aapc website

those who have taken the exam, can you please explain me what is all gold/silver seal, Index etc, the procedure before starting the exam and completion

The proctor will explain this, so don't worry...but when you receive the examination booklet, it will be in a sealed plastic package, and sealed again with gold/silver seals (stickers). You will be instructed when to break open the seals and when to open the booklet to begin. This is so nobody gets an unfair head start.
Then when you finish your exam, you must re-seal the booklet with the sheet of three seals that they give you. This protects you from having anyone tampering with your booklet. There is some paperwork to fill out, and that will be explained to you also, both verbally and with copy of the instruction sheet. You will have time to ask questions about the process (not about the exam questions.)