Please help with coding 75625, 75630 and 75774


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Can I please get assistance with coding this procedure

Procedure performed:
Aortogram with bilateral femoral angiography with distal runoff.

Peripheral vascular disease with non-healing ulcer in the right foot

Description of procedure:
After the appropriate consent was obtained, the patient was sedated with 2 mg of Versed intravenously. Local Xylocaine was given in the left groin. A 6-french sheath was placed in the left femoral artery. An aortogram was performed with bilateral femoral angiograms with distal runoff. The catheter was placed in the right femoral artery and in the left femoral artery. The findings were mild aortic atherosclerosis with no significant stenosis but heavy calcification of the aortic walls. In the right leg, the illiacs are patent. There is 50% stenosis in the right superficial femoral artery. There is 2-vessel runoff below the right knee because the posterior tibial artery is occluded. In the left leg, the iliac arteries are patent. There is 50% stenosis in the left superficial femoral artery with occlusion of the left anterial tibial artery with 2-vessel runoff below the left knee.

Mild disease in the superficial femoral arteries and 2-vessel runnff only in both legs below the knee

What cpt codes would you use? Thank you