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Right mid superficial femoral artery to distal popliteal artery at the anterior tibialis artery takeoff with bypass graft with reverse
saphenous vein.
Thrombectomy of the right superficial femoral artery and tibial vessels.

Retroperitoneal approach, open repairof infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm with an 18mm Dacron tube graft with suprarenal clamping.
Thrombectomies of both common and external iliac arteries and common femoral arteries bilaterally.

Left common femoral artery exploration.
Thromectomy of the left common, external iliac arteries, and aortic tube graft.
Thrombectomy of the left common femoral, superficial femoral, and profunda femoral arteries, popliteal, tibio-peroneal arteries arteries.
Intraoperative arteriogram of the left common, external iliac arteries and tube graft with Visipaque 270, total of 20ml used..
Repair of the left common femoral artery arteriotomy.
Intraoperative left common iliac artery stenting, covered stent, iCAST 10 mm x 3.8 mm, by Dr. Singh, interventional radiologist.
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