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Can you please help me finding out correct codes for this chart.

Femoral sheath was incisedm artery was found to be severely disease with circumferential clacificaiton. It was sharply mobilized along its length under the inguinal ligament and along the deep and superficial femoral arteries. Self-Retraining weitlaner was used to assist with exposure. Proximal and distal control was obtained with vessel loops as well as along circumflex iliac branch. We then systemically heparinized. Control was obtained with the external iliac. Longitudinal arteriotomy across the common femoral to nearly the external iliac throught the superficial femoral arterty was performed. Endarterectomy with sharp transection of the plague, well diffuse. There was a good endpoints at the external iliac. Eversion technique was used to endarterectomize the deep femoral artery and the endarterectomy carefully feathered along the superficial femoral artery. All vessels were inspected, small feathers were removed, copious flushing with heparinized saline was used to confirm, there was no flap. The patch was then sutured in parachuted with a running 4 prolene on HS 6 series needle. All vessels wer back bled through the suture line and antegrade flow initially estabilished in the deep femoral artery, Then the superficial femoral artery was opened. There was excellent pulse, good quality doppler signals, and hemostatis with minimal ooze at couple suture points, which was controlled with thrombin-soaked gelfoam and reversal of the heparin with protamine. The Gelfoam was removed exchange for surgicel. The wound was closed in layers.