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If a patient has a final diagnosis of ARF, Pneumonia due to streptococcus A and emphysems with a history of continous smoking for 50 years and place on a mechanical vent and extubated 36 hours later is this the correct coding?

518.81, 482.31, 492.8, 305.1, 96.71, 96.04

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Your questions are seems like CCS exam question. Are you preparing for any exam or is it a real chart you are coding?

I am curious to know.
I already have my CPC. My current position I only code HCCs. I have been trying to get an externship so I can learn inpatient coding and outpatient. I am trying to go over case studies for practice. I am thinking about taking the CPC H course to show I can do this. I realized I have forgotten some rules since I haven't touched this since 2009. I just want to touch up. Should I post this somewhere else?