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Hello-Is anyone familiar with podiatry coding? What modifiers do you use when coding 11721 and 11056 together? I was using -XS on 11721 but a new coding instructor for the hospital says I need to list each toe debrided- for Medicare at least. The software however, only holds 4 modifiers. How does this help when debriding >6 nails? Can I add the -Q modifier and then the -99 modifier? I'm afraid with only 4 modifiers available they will assume 11720. Any thoughts?

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Are you getting 11721/G0127 mixed up with 11056? Your post is confusing - are you having issues with the debridements or with the nail trimming or with the keratotic lesion removals?
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you would not use toe modifiers with either of these codes. The 11721 code is for 6 or more nails. period they do not need you to show them which toes specifically. If this were a code for each toe then you would list the code separately for each toe.
Code 11056 is for multiple lesions. It does not matter which toe or area of the body each lesion is.. just the total number
You will use a modifier only if these are bundled due to CCI edit and then only if the documentation can support the modifier.
The new coding instructor is incorrect.