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Iowa City Iowa
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We have some urologists that see patients and do surgeries at our facility but they are from a different facility. We now have a patient that had their surgery at the other facility but is getting post-op care at our facility. So it is the same doc that did the surgery but it is not at the same facility. The other facility got the global reimbursement but now we are using our supplies to take care of them post-operatively, is there anything we can do to get some reimbursement? Thanks for your help.
Global does not apply to facility inpatient or outpatient only to the physician. So when you state "facility" are you referring to a hospital setting or a physician office? If this is a hospital outpatient setting you charge the facility fee (facility E&M) regardless of the fact that the physician does not charge due to global.
Sorry I should have specified, we are a physician practice owned by our hospital. The surgery was done at a different hospital and we are now seeing the patient for post-op visits in our physician offices.
If it is the same doc then the physician cannot charge for the post op. However since you are owned by the facility then the supplies are the facilities supplies.. Yes? Therefore the facility can continue to charge a facility fee as they should do for all encounters in the office.