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My (GI) doctor saw a patient for pre-op, but the EKG portion was denied. I billed the visit
V72.84 and another code for the reason for surgery. My office manager insists that I change it to sepial myocardial infarction and I high disagree.

First the patient saw the doctor for pre-op, not her myocardial infarction.
Second if thats correct, that I can use myovardial infarction, why would a GI doctor be performing that?
Third, the above patient has MCR, so no matter what I use its going to be denied.

Can anyone please give me evidence that pre-op is to be used?
If it states that it's preoperative, you have to use it as the first diagnosis. You can use any findings as well as the reason for the surgery as secondary diagnoses.
You need to use V72.81 as the primary diagnosis, however you cannot use Myocardial Infarction. There are specific coding guidelines for the use of the MI codes and if the patient is more than 8 weeks from the MI you need to use another code (old MI, CAD, whatever the patient's diagnosis is). Here is a link to meidcare guidelines, paragraph G gives ICD coding instructions: