Pre- Op exams? colonoscopy


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I currently work for 5 family physicians and a few specialist. One in which is a GI specialist. Whith that said, Need help with this scenario.

My family physician sees a patient, determines he/she needs a colonoscopy. Referres the patient to the GI doc. But the first visit to the GI doc, is seen by a P.A for a PRE-OP for the colonoscopy. Then the next visit with the GI doc, he does the colooscopy.

Question- Is the visit for the pre-op with the P.A consider a consult or just a regular office visit E/M. My opion is it should be coded as an office visit E/M. My my boss tells me other wise. (lol)
Remember that there must be a request for opinion to bill consult. If a physician is "referring" patient to GI doctor for colonscopy, an opinion is not being sought. This is a transfer of care and only an E/M code can be billed.
are these services being billed under the PA's number?? My understanding is that PA's/NP's cant perform initial visits unless they bill under their own provider #.....:confused: