Pre-Operative markings for Plastic Reconstruction


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I have a quick question,

Are pre-operative markings of the breast considered to be a global component for Plastic Surgery that is scheduled the next day. I am auditing a chart and I cannot come up with a clear distinct answer.
I am trying to determine if the E/M service could be billed or is it a component of the H & P prior to surgery????:confused:
I would appreciate other's input.......

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I have never coded plastics, but in my field of spine surgery the day before surgery is always included in the global period, unless that was when the decision for surgery was made. If the decision for surgery was made & the MD marked the breasts that same day,(being the day before surgery) I would append modifier 57 to the E&M visit. Hope that helps.
If the main point of the visit is marking and this is say the day prior to surgery or early day of surgery and this is not a new patient to the physician/group then it is included as a global part of the surgery.