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I have a patient that presented to the ER with abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. At some point they must have determined she was pregnant because they ordered a US Pregnancy. Our radiologist determined that there was no intrauterine pregnancy. Would I then code the ultrasound based on pregnant because that is what they thought she was going into the ultrasound or non obstetrical because no intrauterine pregnancy was seen?
CPT Assistant October 2001 says that if the patient has an established diagnosis of pregnancy (determined by any means), with signs and symptoms that could be pregnancy related and necessitating an ultrasound evaluation of the pelvis, the OB code is used, even if the outcome of the procedure is that the patient is now not pregnant or has an ultrasonic diagnosis that might be construed as being independent of the pregnancy (eg, acute appendicitis, torsed ovary, necrotic fibroid).
On the other hand, if pregnancy diagnosis had not been established at the time of the order, code non-OB pelvic ultrasound even if the ultrasound shows that she is pregnant.