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I am preparing to take the CPC-P exam in August 2007. I have the CPC-P study guide from Ingenix but was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions on where to gather information. I would appreciate any suggestions or even personal experiences with this exam.
thanks in advance!
Honestly, I would recommend the Ingenix study guide. It has information that should be reviewed that is essential to successfully completing the exam--especially information on reimbursement. The reason I'd recommend spending money on it is that it targets all the appropriate areas, whereas reviewing and researching it on your own would consume a vast amount of your time. You can spend that time reviewing and studying the material in the study guide and I think that would be more helpful.

Good luck. Good to see some other folks sitting for this credential.
thanks Kevin,
I have purchased the Ingenix study guide, read it cover to cover & still feel like I may be missing something. I took a coding class at the local college in hopes of preparing me but it was a bust-very basic, introductory information. I am currently working at a medical insurance company so I am familiar with some types of reimbursement methodologies but not all. I will go through the book again & pay special attention to the reimbursement sections.
I really do appreciate your suggestion.
Thanks again.
For me (a seasoned coder when I took it), the reimbursement was really the part I had difficulty retaining--mostly because I've always been a coder or reviewing from the coding perspective. Anyhow, you'll do well on it since you're already in the business and on that end of the perspective. Despite that I worked on the payer side just prior to taking it, I didn't deal with claims processing as much as program integrity audits, medical review (more coding focussed tasks). Regardless, the ICD Chapters section of the exam was probably the most challenging, making you analyze the reported procedure and diagnsosis. I'm sure this is something you could do though, based on what you've said about your work.

Just be sure you can code out of both CPT and ICD procedures section and you know your coding guidelines for ICD Diagnoses codes and you should do fine.

Don't freak out and doubt yourself, just try to retain the information you study.

Good luck again and let me know how you do.
I wanted to know what tips and recommendations do you have for a person that just graduated on last year I will be taking the CPC exam at the beginning of next year ,but I wanted to know even if I don't have the experience yet in billing or coding would any places hiring me. Thanks