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I looked for an answer to this for a while but couldn't find anything appropriate.

The patient underwent a surgery for the excision of a leg lesion, which was originally thought to be a varicosity but turned out to be a fibrous histiocytoma which was excised. The patient's claim was denied for non-covered charges using 37765 and I83.90. I'm assuming that I can't use the I83.90 for 2 reasons, 1 it would be considered cosmetic and 2 because it is not appropriate for exactly what was done. The patient is being billed a large cost and has called the insurance and was told we need to resubmit with the appropriate codes for coverage.

My question is what is the proper way to bill for this since the procedure changed during surgery?
I would consider excision of benign lesion, if dr actually did excision and not stab phlebectomty. And depending also on report consider benign lesion for dx.