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Panama City, FL
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I am having trouble understanding how to bill for drug screens. My doctor gave me the code G0434 x 11 units to bill. My claim has denied. After research do I bill with 1 unit 11 different times or just bill once with G0434 x 1 unit. I will appreciate any input.
This code is used to report simple testing methods, such as dipsticks, cups, cassettes, and cards, that give visual results. It also includes tests that may be read using a scanner or a complex reader. This code should be used to report any other type of drug screening test defined as a CLIA waved test or a moderate complexity test, other than chromatographic. ]This code is reported per patient encounter regardless of the number of drug classes tested.
I have the same question with CPT code G0431 x 11 units. This one has denied also. Do we bill with 1 unit regardless of the number of drugs tested. Thanks again for any input.
Why is Indiana Medicaid not accepting 80101 x 9 units (denied for units)? They have also denied G0434 x1 unit when I tried it (denied for non-covered procedure)... I have ask and I am not receiving any help regarding this from our Medicaid Rep. What should my next step be?