Wiki Procedure & Anesthesia billing for different providers, same group

Alisa Dinneen

Newton, KS
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Can anyone tell me if different tax i.d. numbers are needed for the following situation? (Or, if there are any other problems I might be blatantly missing :eek:)

Group consists of several doctors, some of which are anesthesiologists. Doc "A" provides epidural steroid injection, doc "B" provides anesthesia for said injection.

I believe we have "our ducks in a row" concerning CPT, ASA, and modifiers,anesthesia time, etc., but wonder if denial of physician charges as being "exclusive to anesthesia code" has to do with the tax i.d. used, being the same for both providers.

Any ideas on how to get a clean claim out the door on this situation would be appreciated.

Thank you,