Wiki procedure in office


Winter Springs, FL
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Doctor states patient comes in today for his Dupuytren's release. . . . .
Left hand was prepped and 0.5% Marcaine was infiltrated at the base of the palm blocking the ulnar and median nerve.
contracture of the small finger and the thumb MP joints were carefully addressed and through a transverse incision at the base of the digits, along the cord, this was identified and carefully cut until release of the MP joints of both the thumb and the small finger, were released in full extension. The patient could at this point fully flex indicating intact tendons and fully extend. No further contracture. The area was washed out with hydrogen peroxide. A bulky compressive dressing applied.

So I want to code 26123 and 26125. Does that sound right with you ? I am not
sure as this was in the office and not in a facility. Please help

Sorry, I just edited this post. I had put 23123 and 23125, when I meant to put 26123 and 26125. Appreciate any suggestions ?
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I would look at 26040 and 26045. You are still billing the providers fee even though its in the office. May edit for wrong place of service but it that's what he truly did then he should get to bill for it. Personally I think there needs to be more documented but that is just me being picky. :) Good luck!

Kelsey, CPC