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Hello all,

I currently work as a project coordinator at a community hospital in NJ. I recently finished my Master's in Public Health in Health Care Management. My goal is to have a career in management/administration and am looking for ways to gain more knowledge and experience to help me in this endeavor. One of my projects includes essentially acting as a practice coordinator for one of our captive physician practices. I have minimal experience with coding and billing. I am considering taking the CPPM course in order to strengthen my knowledge with practice management to hopefully gain some more experience here. However, I am thinking I should also expand my job search to include that of a practice manager as I feel that I am qualified for most of the job postings I have seen. What do you think? Will the CPPM certification be helpful or is there something different I can do that would be more instrumental in preparation for meeting my goal? Thanks!

The CPPM certification sounds like it would be extremely helpful. I am actually currently preparing for the CPPM exam. There are also lots of other certifications by very reputible organizations that you may want to consider. HBMA (Healthcare Billing and Management Association) offers CHBME (Certified Healthcare Billing and Management Executive) certification, but that may have more of a focus on billing than you are wanting. AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association) offers many other certifications with various focuses.