Provider wants to use the physical form they filled out as the encounter note

Lebanon, Connecticut
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I have a provider that I work with that wants to use the form they filled out for the patient's physical as the encounter note. Is that something that is allowed? We use an EHR system, and she feels it is a duplication of efforts to both fill out the form and enter the information into the EHR.
The provider can use the form if they really want to - there's nothing prohibiting use of a paper documentation. But it does defeat the purpose of the EHR - why pay for an EHR if they aren't using it the way it is meant to be used? Also, if the information is not being input into the EHR, then the patient data is also not being captured and the practice will likely not meet the meaningful use criteria for reporting. If you bill a lot of claims to Medicare, they could take a financial penalty from the payments unless you apply for an exemption or hardship waiver.