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I have looked on here thru previous posts and am not finding my answer. So the question is... When you have a NON medicare person who comes in for a PSA screening what CPT code should be used?

I always thought that it was G codes for medicare screening only and the 8xxxx codes for non medicare screenings and if medicare had a dx. other than screening. Am I right or wrong?? :confused:
Thanks :)
Thanks for your reply! :) But maybe I wasn't clear... my question is on a pt who ISN"T medicare what CPT code should be used? I have an insurance pt. who is having a PSA screening and they have charged the G0103. Is this correct?
Thanks !!
Our office will bill 84153 for PSA screening of NON-MEDICARE patients.

Just a side note - if the plan is a commercial plan but a Medicare product some of those plans still require the G code.