Psych-group meeting coding


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A psychiatrist record and he was evaluating someone in a group meeting.

He had "goals"---> 2 of them, Goal #1 was depression and Goal #2 was alcoholism.

In the DX section in the bottom right corner, the doctor wrote a bipolar code (no wording) and nothing in the notes about bipolar, so I know that can not be taken.

**Would you report the two goals, even though they aren't written in the DX section? I really don't even want to do that, since they aren't in the DX section at all.

**Also, on another DOS, he was meeting with the husband only, discussing the patient's health. That would classify as a Vcode for a third party and not able to code any DX code, whether it was written or not correct?

My only experience in coding is with HCC's and I am trying to brush up on regular ICD-9 coding. I have just not run accross this scenario before and I am really puzzled as to where to go with these.

Thanks in advance for anyone that replies! :)