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I am also looking for guidance on how to code for the interpretation and reporting of test results for Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Battery, Wechsler Memory Scales and Wisconsin Card Sorting Test.

My scenario is the following: All tests were done by technician. 2.8 hours spent face-to-face testing time with psychometrist; 1 hour cognitive/psychiatric history and symptom review/interview with patient and family, 6.5 hours records review, test selection, scoring interpretation/integration, and report writing by psychologist.

Assuming all of the above is supported by documentation, what would the CPT codes be?
90791 (for the initial Psychiatric diagnostic evaluation - which is documented)
96118 X 7 --> This is where I need a reference for, can we code this for the 6.5 hours of records review, test selection, scoring interpretation/integration and report writing? The psychologist didn't perform the testing, but only the report writing as stated before.
96119 X 3

Thank you.


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Can someone help me with determining the main differences between codes 96118 & 96119. Can a physician bill 96118 if they administer the first hour of testing & a technician finishes the testing? Also, can a physician bill 96118 if the technician administers the testing, but the physician is in the office as well & available to help?