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I need help- I totally understand all about the adding of the minutes to get the units etc for the timed modalities- but my question is for the facility side of things, if the patient is seen by both a PT and an OT for treatment, since they are reported with the same CPT codes, just different modifiers and REV codes, can those minutes be counted separately or do they have to be summed together? Example: PT has 25 mins total therapies and OT has 45 minutes total therapies- so do I add them both up for 65 minutes (4 billable units) or do they get separated for a total of 5 since if I break them down to PT/OT each has enough for 2 and 3 units respectively? I have scoured the CMS guidelines and I just can not find anything- my gut says since it is all for the same facility resources to just go with 4...any insight and documentation to back up the theory will be most appreciated :).