Question PT Eval billing

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Hoping you all can help me out.... One of my pain management physicians has asked and I'm not sure of the correct answer...He wants to bring a DPT into his practice be able to bill under her own tax id or the physicians tax id to get an initial pain PT consult plan. Then the patient would go out to another location and get another eval and treatment. The goal of the DPT in the office would be to direct the patients in their rehab from the pain management perspective and work with the other PT's to help his patients rehab. The DPT's eval would be a more general evaluation to see how specifically pain is hampering a patients rehab, and work with the treating PT to make sure all pain issues are being addressed. Then maybe billing for occ f/u visits over time.
Anyone know if this is possible. I know a little about PT billing but not enough to answer with matter of fact answers.