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PT/INT testing Medicare Patient G0250


Tenafly, New Jersey
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For Medicare patient

G0250: Physician review, interpretation, and patient management of home INR testing for patient with either mechanical heart valve(s), chronic atrial fibrillation, or venous thromboembolism who meets Medicare coverage criteria; testing not occurring more frequently than once a week; billing units of service include 4 tests

What is actually the billing units (plural form) refer to ? The reason I am asking is
- If we can bill 1 unit every 4 tests done within a week, that means we will bill for Medicare patient G0250 - 1 unit.
- Should it be billed using the DOS of the last date of the INR test or else ?
- Should the G0250 - 1 unit be billed in a separate claim or else
- MUE allows only 1 unit, why you think, the plural form of "the billing units" mean ?
I would appreciate any information you would provide.

Julie Agus


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PT /INR tetsing

I am looking for some similar questions too. We are FQHC and just got a INR machine. We want to bill the test that will be done in the office or the interpretation of it. Does any one have any idea how to bill this kind of visits?


san antonio
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The wording for that HCPCS code states that the testing cannot occur more frequently than 1 per week.... so basically you can only count 1 per week -- when we bill for this code, I bill with the last date in the 4 weeks and in claim remarks, I include all the testing dates
I have never had a problem with the code getting paid the way I am billing it.