pt seen in ER previous day, admit next day

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I have a situation where a patient was seen in the ER on day 1 at 1150PM & the physician determined that pt needed to be admitted. Physician's admit H&P is dated for day 1 at 1150PM, but admit was not completed until day 2 at 220AM, so official admit date starts on day2. The physician also saw the patient on day2 when he rounded. How would I code?
1) would I use 99223-AI for day 1 even though it falls outside the date of the official admit date? & enter 99233 for day2?
2) Would I use 99223-AI for day 2 & view the visits on day1 and day 2 as the same DOS?

I am aware of the following:

When the patient is admitted to the hospital via another site of service (e.g., hospital emergency department, physician's office, nursing facility), all services provided by the physician in conjunction with that admission are considered part of the initial hospital care when performed on the same date as the admission.

For Previous Day Visit
Contractors pay both visits if a patient is seen in the office on one date and admitted to the hospital on the next date, even if fewer than 24 hours has elapsed between the visit and the