Wiki Pulling my hair out over 79 mod..pls help


Merrill, WI
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If I would bill 33533,33518, 33508 on 2-11-08, then bill a 32421 on 2-26 (global pd), would I have to put on 79 mod, assuming it was not related to origianl px's?
This is a Medicare patient. The 32421 was paid even tho it is in the global and no mod was appended indicating global pd. I am arguing that just because it was paid with no mod, doesnt mean it still shouldn't have had one on there. Can someone reason this out with me so I have peace of mind?
I agree, the 32421 should have gone out with a .79 modifier on it if it was unrelated and with-in a global of a procedure. Odd they paid though, I'm amazed it didn't get kicked out for global! guess you were lucky on that part.
You're correct though, it should have had a .79 mod on it. It was by the same physician correct?