Pulmonary Embolism


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This is an ICD 10 HCC question.

In the assessment it states: Pulmonary Embolism as unchanged.---The support I found for this was that the member had a CTA of the chest on 7/12/20 , states Secondary branch PE right lower lobe pulmonary artery. Small Pleural effusion. The CTA was performed 26 days before the follow up 08/06/20. So to me I feel this is still an active condition,( and the member is also on Elquis) Since the assessment does not give the laterally, It was coded as I26.99. and not I26.93. So here are three questions?
Should we code the laterally since it is in the CTA or the assessment where there is no laterally?
Or would you code it at all?
What is the time frame from which the PE is considered an active condition vs history condition