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Just wanted to clairfy the pulse ox. There is some discrepancy in our office about the pulse ox-94760 and 94761. Our MD does this on each patient. We are hearing this is a procedure and others state it is part of the vitals. I think it is part of the vitals. We are an Oncology clinic. Let me know your thoughts.

I am new at coding but I do believe from personal experience that pulse ox is part of vitals that measures the oxygen saturation in blood. 94760 would be a one time reading and I believe 94761 would be multiple pulse oximeter readings taken at different times like during a stress test. Pulse oximetry is usually a clip device they put on your finger and is frequently used in cardiology, also used during sleep studies, etc.
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I agree that it may be typical to be part of the vitals in this instance... but if it's being done, I also think it should be reported... you might not get paid for it (ie: bundling), but the proper way to report it would be to bill the 94760/94761 along with other services provided during the visit.