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Can someone help me out with this??

Is this code specific to a Pyschiatrist(MD) and/or

Can a Pyschologist(PhD) use this code ?

For example, Inpatient was ref to Pyschology as a consult for eval of pyschological functions. A Brief Sympton Inventory was assesed and a diagnosis was made and pt scheduled for f/u care as an outpatient.

Would it be coded: 90801 or 90805 ( of course depending on time)

I would really appreciate some additional insight ........:confused:

Psychiatric diagnostic interview examination: Used for the initial
psychiatric evaluation of a new patient or to denote the initial
evaluation or first-day service for hospitalized patients. Most
commercial carriers will reimburse for services designated with this
code one time per episode of illness. For Medicare, check your
local medical review policy (LMRP).
90801 99201–99205 99221–99223 99301–99303 99321–99323

So if your pt was a new to your office depending on time you would use those codes. Hope that helps. Tiffany