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Hi everyone,

My doctor is billing for cpt code 11721 using modifier Q8 and Q9 together, I guess my question is, is that possible, can he use those 2 modifiers at the same time? Please help..I'm new to these codes.

Thank you in advance :)
Per the LCD that I have printed as of April 2012 from the CMS website you report modifieres on routine foot care as follows:
Q7-One Class A Finding
Q8-Two Class B findings
Q9-One Class and two Class C findings

The classes are as follows:
Class A-non traumatic amputation of foot or integral skeletal portion thereof

Class B-absent posterior tibial pulse, advanced trophic changes (hair growth-decrease or absence), nail changes (thickening), pigmentary changes (discoloration), skin texture (thin, shiny), skin color (rubor or redness) and absent dorsalis pedis pulse

Class C-claudication, temperature changes, edema, parasethesis, burning

I suggest going to the CMS website, find the LCD section and look under Routine Foot Care.


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