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Waconia, MN
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Good Morning All -

We are new this year to doing our quality reporting (now MIPS) via a QCDR. I just wanted to ask this question of anyone else who has used a QCDR before.

What do you do (measures-wise) when it takes CMS so long to approve the QCDR measures? The QCDR we are using didn't have approval of all measures until 6/2/17. Now as this year is a transition year it makes it a bit easier, but I am concerned about next year. Do you just have your provider continue completing the measures from the previous year in hopes that CMS will approve them again?

Also has anyone else had their anesthesia provider participate in Advancing Care information (meaningful use). Is this something that needs to be done via the EHR at the facility? I work for a billing company and our providers are mainly CRNAs who are not subject to this portion of the program. I just feel that I am lacking knowledge regarding this portion of the program so any information would be appreciated.

Thanks again for any insight here!